Meet Your Mentors

Shan Foster

Senior Instructor

Shan Foster is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fostering Healthy Solutions, LLC where he cultivate healthy solutions to diversity issues through education, training, and execution. His experience includes work with several sectors, including entertainment, financial services, technology, media, environmental services, and law enforcement. Foster is passionate about diversity and is seen as a visionary amongst leaders. He also serves as Vice President of External Affairs & AMEND Together at YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee. AMEND Together is an initiative that engages men and boys to end violence against women and girls. He recruits, educates, and equips men and boys to serve as advocates for violence prevention and cultural change. Described as an enthusiastic leader, gifted public speaker, and skilled facilitator, Foster is committed to elevating the conversation about violence against women, engaging men to be leaders and role models, and educating young men and boys about healthy masculinity and respect.

Dr. Anita Foster-Horne

Diversity Expert/Senior Instructor

Dr. Anita Foster is an author, speaker, trainer, and motivational speaker. She has trained thousands of people over her career and uses her more than 30 years of leadership experience as a platform to relate to her audience and transform their professional lives to become more effective and efficient. Dr. Foster’s qualities are an asset that enhances professional achievement and compliments individual progress. A Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership qualifies Dr. Anita as an expert in management and leadership. An undergraduate and a Master’s in Social Work adds to her educational advancement and knowledge of the social effects of equality. Over her career, she has built relationships across industries from healthcare to education. Her experience in mental health and hospice extends beyond the understanding that all people are created equal but reaches the rims of educating others to see and believe the same. Seeing qualities in others no matter their circumstance, status quo, color, race, or ethnicity is a rare and unique gift Dr. Anita is proud to possess and she does not take that lightly. With over 25 years of leadership experience, Dr. Anita believes inclusion starts with diversity. In-Depth knowledge of federal and state regulations allows Dr. Anita to train on policy and procedures at multiple levels. A resume holding positions of administrator, director, owner, and operator of several organizations across her career makes Dr. Anita’s character and personality can be defined as an overall professional in leadership, management, and simply hands-on in employee oversight.

Social proof: testimonials

““I am stunned at the amount of information provided. Thank you Dr. Foster-Horne for enlightening me to my own blind spots.””


““Rave reviews from my team on Blind Spots. This did not feel like a course but rather, a conversation.” “I will not take my unconsciousness to work with me again. Thank you Dr. Foster-Horne.””

J from SofTouch

““Dr Foster provided a safe space to be open and honest about diversity and inclusion. This course is valuable for all employees and leaders.””


““Thank you for showing me how to avoid avoiding the conversation. Such a powerful perspective.””

Mary - Health Tech

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